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CHT has enabled me to connect with an invisible and yet vitally important aspect of my health; keeping the Colon clean and supplied with water. After the first treatment I was made aware of this process. Further on in my treatments I became physically conscious of the deep emotional habits that surround eating. I look forward to exploring this dynamic of emotions and diet through more CHT work in the future.
    - D. H. Banff, AB.

After years of stress and neglect, I developed sensitivities to various foods and a poorly functioning digestive system. Symptoms included constipation, fatigue, poor memory and concentration, and mild depression. Colon hydrotherapy has been an important element of my healing and recovery. I recommend that everyone cleanse at least once or twice a year with colon hydrotherapy. You will gain a sense of your current digestive health and you will learn valuable information about how to care for your health and well-being.
    - T.S. Edmonton, A.B.

After being deathly ill for over 2 years and all the frustrations with conventional doctors and medicines throughout that time, Colon Hydrotherapy was recommended to me by both a naturopath and a medical doctor. By this time the pain was chronic, my bowel was barely functioning properly, and my energy was completely exhausted. After the first treatment I knew instinctively that this was right for me. CHT proved to be my lifeline. CHT has truly given me back my life and vitality. I can't express enough how truly amazing the process is....the turnaround in how you feel is phenomenal. I truly became "alive" again! Ever grateful to CHT and my Hydrotherapist. CHT is now an integral part of mine and my family's health maintenance program.
    - I. R. Edmonton, A.B.

My first experience of colon hydrotherapy was about eight years ago. At that time I went on a juice-fast cleanse, and completed 7 colon hydrotherapy treatments. By the end of the 7 days - I felt TERRIFIC!! My body felt lighter, stronger, and my energy level increased. My mental state was rejuvenated and I experienced an overall feeling of wellness. Each year I plan for two (spring and fall) - 5-7 day cleanses with one colon hydrotherapy treatment per day, and each time I have experienced the same increase in energy. I believe it's one of the best things I can do for my body to keep it healthy.
    - P.B. - Edmonton


In August 2003 I had the misfortune to stub my baby toe on a door jam. It felt like it was broken or I had cracked the bone, and the next day it turned all black and blue. As I have an aversion to "White Coat Syndrome", I suffered with the pain. Each time I put on my shoe I experienced great pain in my foot, but I suffered and limped around for approximately two months. Then in October I went for an Ion Cleanse and was simply amazed how my toe improved. When I put my shoe on I discovered I had hardly any pain or discomfort. When I had my next ion cleanse I was able to spread my toes apart and had absolutely no pain what so ever. It was a miracle, I have been pain free ever since.
    - S. R Tofield, AB

I have recently completed a series of Ion cleanses and have noticed a dramatic improvement in my energy levels, mental clarity, and with my muscle pain. As a long time sufferer of low grade fatigue, brain fog, and muscle weakness, I truly feel that the Ion Cleanse sessions have made a tremendous improvement in these symptoms. Following each session, I always feel lighter, more clear and energetic. A very simple, yet effective method of detoxification, the results speak for themselves!
    - D.D. Edmonton

My first exposure to the ion cleanse system was as a support for other detoxification therapies I was utilizing. To date, I have had more than fifteen sessions, and I have experienced both short- and long-term changes in my body. Immediately after receiving a session I feel lighter, more energized, and more clear-headed. Over the course of several sessions I have also noticed improvement in the skin rashes that I have been experiencing for quite some time.
    - P.C Calgary AB.

My first experience with an ion cleanse was when I had a back injury. I had difficulty moving around and sitting down due to my injuries and the inflammation. During my first ion cleanse session I felt immediate relief. The congestion in my back seemed to be draining out of my body, and I experienced significant pain relief. The ion cleanse has been very beneficial in my recovery of joint and muscular pain.
    - L.L Edmonton, AB.

I have had several ion cleanse treatments and each time it is shocking what comes out of my body and into the foot bath. With every treatment I have noticed an overall sense of well being, more energy and such clear headedness. The ion cleanse seems to be detoxifying my body well, because with each foot bath there has been a variety of different colors in the water. It makes me feel good knowing I'm cleansing toxins out of my body.
    - L.C.M. Edmonton, AB.


Jackie is a great massage therapist. I've had a lot of massages in my time and this is the best massage I have ever received. She works the knots out and get results, making me feel like new again.
    - S.B. Edmonton, A.B.

I am a 42 year old international businessman. For many years therapeutic massage has been a health tool in my life for relief of tension and stress, as well as increased circulation and muscle tone for overall better health. I have experienced many massages around Canada, USA and the world. Jackie Latimer in my opinion is one of the most professional and highly qualified massage therapists I have experienced. I have attended her clinic regularly and am totally satisfied with the clinic's operation and the personal attention provided by Jackie and her staff. I would recommend Jackie as a therapist and a business woman.
    - M.M. Edmonton, AB,

I was involved in a serious automobile accident and my physiotherapist and doctor recommended I receive massage therapy treatments. Jackie Latimer is a competent professional massage therapist. I have had many treatments from her for my injuries and they have provided me with great relief and reduced my suffering.
    - H.G. Edmonton, AB.

Jackie Latimer is very competent at her profession. She has a unique gift ~ a personality that is extremely caring and positive. During my massage therapy sessions I have learnt a great deal from Jackie about my body. Her treatments have given me tremendous relief over the years.
    - M.K. Edmonton, AB.

Approximately 17 years ago, a smart young Chiropractor suggested I see an RMT (Registered Massage Therapist). My problems were muscular, not skeletal or joints. Like most people, even though my work was and is physically demanding, I did not exercise or stretch enough to minimize the damage I was doing. I was a little skeptical, as my image of massage was a body rub, soothing but not much more. Was I surprised! Aches, pains, muscle knots that had simply become a part of life were expertly worked out. Built up toxins, lactic acid in particular, make muscles ache. Massage frees up these toxins, gets them out of your system. The relief can be truly amazing! In the years since, I have averaged at least one massage treatment per month and for more than the last decade almost exclusively under the extremely capable hands of Jackie Latimer at Cellular health in Edmonton. Without these regular treatments, the physical quality of my life would be far poorer. On the mental side, massage therapy is a great reliever of stress. I heartily recommend regular treatments to any and every one. The benefits can't be measured in dollars and cents but definitely in health and sense!
    - B.T. Stony Plain, AB.


Receiving body analysis a was an amazing eye opener for me. I felt looked at and recognized for the first time. Without having to reveal anything about myself my body told a story all on it's own from my strengths to my weaknesses. Since the analysis approximately six months ago I have been more aware of my body and my emotional well being. Yes the issues maybe in the tissues but with this awareness they don't have to stay there.
    - W.S. Camrose, AB.

The body reveals the truth. It is a clear reflection of who we are. I was amazed after getting a body analysis how accurate it was in revealing my inner mental and emotional state of being. Observing myself has brought huge awareness as to where I hold tension, issues and fears in my body. Learning this about myself has helped me deal with some unconscious patterns that no longer serve me but were stuck in my tissues. Bringing some awareness to them has improved my physical posture as well as my mental and emotional. My Body analysis experience has been very educational and continues to bring great awareness to me.
    - L.L. Edmonton, AB.

I've always wondered why my body is "like it is" in some areas. A Full body analysis provided me with some of those answers. In being given that body awareness and understanding, I've been able to heal some of those problematic places in my body and my psyche.
    - P.B. Edmonton, AB.

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